So Luciano died, the lizard that is. Poor Dd is VERY upset. She is currently making a coffin, kind of morbid but heaven for bid the poor little guy gets buried in something ordinary. She is decoration a box, with a satin cloth on the inside and is thinking of words to express her love for him. It’s so sweet and sad. She is such a loving kid.

I am listeing her talk about him, she was commenting on the longevity of his short life. She is sad that he had to die, but thinks it was a good life while it lasted. She said even though he died, he was a good pet and she was glad she got to know him.

So I guess there will be a funeral tomorrow.

Okay so that kind of sucks.

I am trying to be supportive but (and don’t take this the wrong way) I really am not an animal person. I am thinking two things, first what a waste of money(that little thing required a lot of suplies and now what can I do about all of them, and two well at least one less thing for me to do. No more cage cleaining, cricket feeding and so on.. Yes I am that awful.

You know I have a seriously awful track record when it comes to family pets, fish, frogs, hamsters, lizards.. and so on. It’s just not meant to be. With in very short periods of my care they die. It’s kind of depressing. Well no it’s not- but it does seem a little tragic.

I have a ton of stuff to write. I’ll recap my Friday, Saturday a bit later on. CL was tonight, it wasn’t quite as good as last time but it was alright. I enjoy the thoughts and theory’s of CL. Plus I like hearing about the different ways people experience Christ in their daily lives. It’s quite beautiful.

Time to have a chat about the circle of life.. I’ll write more a bit later.


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