So yesterday turned into one of the best days I’ve had in years!! It was just so rewarding. I felt great, even as it came to a close and my pumped up confidence was shot and deflated, I didn’t even let that get me down.

I had a successful hot lunch, even though it was a crazy mix up this week with the secretary away, everything worked out just fine.

 After lunch I visited the Walcers for a little while, they are doing much better again. I knew that they knew about my exam so I wanted to share my results with them. They are so wonderful, kind of like having grandparents. I am not really close to any of my real life grandparents, so knowing them is like having family in town. They are the nicest people.

After my visit with them, I got a hair cut. I took about 6 inches off and you can barely tell. It doesn’t look any different, but it feel much lighter to me. The lady cut is kind of weird I wonder if she isn’t very experienced. Oh well, it’s done and it’s only hair it will grow back.

After my hair cut I went and spent the rest of the afternoon with Jesus. It was perfect. We are lucky here in our parish .  I love that I can end my week regardless of everything else this way.

After school Ds had a friend over, I did my usual stuff tided the house, made dinner. After dinner Dd went to a friends for a sleep over and Ds went to YG. Since Dh wasn’t home yet I had a bit of free time. I was invited out to the pub by Lori and Marnie. I think it was their wind up for catechism or something. That’s not really my thing, but I said I’d go for a minute before I picked up Ds. We we had a quick visit them I left them there and got Ds. I have more to say on that subject because I felt as thought there was something fishy going on but I’ll keep it out of my blog.

Another successful YG. Ds really likes going there.

So I slept in a little bit today, I was considering going running but since DH got home so late last night, I didn’t want to run out first thing in the morning. There is always lots to do on Sat. morning especially when Dh is here. I did lots of laundry and a general tidy of the house. I picked up Dd around lunch today. It felt like forever. I never feel one hundred percent comfortable when  either of them are sleeping out. I don’t know why maybe I am little bit over protective. No I’m not I just miss them when they are gone.

This afternoon, even though it was beautiful out I did some baking. I used up some rhubarb that my neighbor gave me a couple of days ago. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. Then I made another attempt at a trifle. This time I used blueberries and strawberries. It was pretty good.

I think I am going to go to bed now, I am sure I left some stuff out.. I’ll write more later when I think of it. Dd is still sad. She is very seriously mourning the loss of her pet. She has imposed a no laughing/smiling rule. She feels that is would be prudent to keep a respectfully dismal attitude. No joy on such a sorrow filled day…


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