..rocked it..

I rocked my exam!!!!!

So no upgrading required. Can you even believe it? The counseller loved my writing sample and said that he really felt moved and inspired while reading it. He felt as if he were seeing the places himself. Amazing.

I cannot believe I did it.

So now I am going to register for the course, I had my first interview today, the lady thought given my history I would be a prefect candidate to this program. I don’t even have to do any volunteer hours, because I have more than enough. They usually require so many as a prerequisite to the course but alas, that part is done. Lastly I just have to get the school JP to email my criminal record check over and that part is done too.

I am so happy!! I sort of feel like jumping up and down for joy!!!!!

Okay, now that, that is out of the way I have to get back to my responsibilities.. It’s hot lunch day..

I’ll write more later on 🙂

PS, Went to Mass this morning. The homily was all about begging Jesus for guidance in our lives. Everyday, and what is the most important thing in our lives.. Jesus. Putting him first always. This is going to be such a good day!!!


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