..I'm Back!!..


Yay, I did it!! I think I did okay too. There were 3 or 4 questions out of the entire thing that had me stumped but the rest went pretty smoothly. I made educated guesses, along with some prayers to St Thomas Aquinas :-p For those I didn’t know and kept going. I found it very pressure oriented to be working under a time limit. I never do anything really where a deadline is involved so that was a learning experience.

As for the essay.. Well there were ten topics to choose from, 9 were impossible. Stuff that held no interest for me or that I knew nothing about. 1 however was perfect. It was a comparison. I was to compare two locations, and explaining why I liked them. I thought about two ladies, to grandmothers to be exact that live 7 thousand miles apart and in very uniquely intriguing environments. I was descriptive, informative and it literally just started to flow. I could have shouted with joy.. Thank you God!!

So I did it and now I wait. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9 45; so directly after Mass I can head back up there and get my results. You know what was the best part? For the writing segment, they said don’t worry about spelling, they are much more concerned with the ability to use words not whether they are spelled correctly.. So for the record, I now have good reason to have spent half my life with my nose in a book. My vocabulary is superlative!!! Thank God for all those nights reading until dawn, or all those mornings readying until it’s time to get up, or all those appointments where I have spent countless minutes waiting..reading my books… 🙂

Well, I feel better now, not sick at all 🙂


After the exam I met my new friend Teresa.. and we finally went for a walk. It turned out to be more of a hike but it was the perfect conclusion to my morning. We walked and talked and walked some more. We had a chance to witness the most beautiful spot. A ravine probably 50 0r 60 ft down and a shear rock wall that was covered in the most luscious ferns. It was like a wall of green. I will have to bring my camera and go back there. It was so beautiful, the senses were on over load,  there was a bubbling brook at the bottom, birds chirping int he distance, a slight breeze just enough to ruffle the leaves on the trees and all the lushes green. It was just perfect.

I do have a few more things to do today, I just wanted to share my news.

Oh I almost forgot.. so about yesterday. I might have mentioned that on Wed. evenings there is going to be a YG Mass. Well I’ll admit I was kind of looking forward to this Mass as it would have been the first one this week.. Everything was fine, we ariived in pleanty of tinme. Dd of course wanted to sit near the very front, that I also don’t mind, as I am so blind when I sit that close I can actually see.. LOL. but anyway, about two min. before Mass was to begin, Dd says she feels sick and is going to throw up.

The elevator was locked so I went to ask for the key. Dd was in tow, Fr. said just go through the back, but when you come back in come through the tabor room. As I was rushing to get her to the bathroom, I left my purse and keys in my pew..  So we rushed down stairs, not to the hall though because that door was locked too. I didn’t want to be the one unlocking all the doors so we went to the office bathroom. Dd didn’t throw up of course, but did look a little pale. I gave her a drink of water and we were about to go back in when again she starts to panic. Dd really didn’t want to go back just in case she threw up, she didn’t want to do it in the church.. Okay that may sound slightly comical but at the time is wasn’t really.

We decided to go outside, and come in thought the main door so I could retrieve my keys. I went out the flower room door and what do you know I can not shut it from the outside. So we couldn’t go through the tabor room door as the door to the church was open, but I also didn’t want to got back out the flower room door and leave it open. We couldn’t go back in to the church.. Just in case.. there was nothing I could do that wouldn’t lead to a disruption of the Mass.. so I resigned.


We sat on the steps outside the flower room door. She put her head in my lap and we prayed together. I had no booklet and no rosary just ten fingers and my memory. It was sort of interesting how things worked out. There is a gigantic white lilac tree right across the alley, there was a warm breeze and of course we had Mary with us. I told Dd that if we were to pray the Rosary carefully we would finish at the same time as the Mass did. Then we could go back in get my keys pick up Ds and go home.  I held my not so little girl in my arms, and she listen while I prayed those most beautiful words.. Even though the evening went nothing like I expected, it was even better.

After I collected my other child we all went home and easily fell into our bed time routine.. I slept better last night than I had in weeks. I woke this morning nervous, but certainly refreshed. Thank you Mary?

I better get back to work, I have some last minture hot lunch stuff to do for tomorrow. Not only is it hot lunch day, it’s also tacky tourist day.. It should be fun.

I post my results as soon as I get them.. Enjoy the day~

It’s 1:56pm


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