Today is the day, I didn’t write last night because I went to be early. I needed to- all this staying up late isn’t good for me. I am so nervous I feel a little bit ill. I am nervous because I don’t feel fully prepared. I am feeling okay on the Comprehension part, as well as the vocabulary part, but the essay has me worried. I know I can write and probably about anything but I am not a technical writer for sure. There is a certain expectation when it comes to essay’s. I hope I can manage staying with the formula. Plus my grammar is awful, my spelling is horrendous.. Oh my goodness I am so nervous.

I am just going to go in there, be calm, focus and do one question at a time. When I get to the writing part I am just going to relax and enjoy writing what ever it is i am going to write about. Lets hope there are topics that I am knowledgeable about.

I better go.. I need to jump in the shower before i wake up the kids..


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