..8 min k..


I don’t actually think that is very good. (but as a beginner I don’t really care!) Or maybe I am doing the math wrong. I clocked the km’s of the route I have been running. It’s just about 8 k. Today that took me 63minutes. I probably ran 3/4 of the way in fairly good stints. I am now running much, much further each time. When I started I could barely run five minutes.

 Today I walked to the end of my street, then ran from my corner to the bridge at the marina, walked across at the lights, walked into the legion parking lot, kept walking but briskly until the first wooden bridge on the dyke, ran from there until the over pass at the other end, walked about a minute there, ( I was stopped by two very old ladies that wanted to pet my dog), then ran to the next wooden bridge, kept going until about half way through the woods, again I was stopped but this time because of my Dog.

He, (the dog) noticed two very brave chipmunks, they were the funniest little things. At first they were chasing each other around and around. Then after I minute or so, one noticed us. It kept inching it’s way closer and closer to us. Then it kind of started barking in a very chipmunkish sort of way. It was totally bizarre.

Okay from there I ran the rest of the way through the woods, under the underpass all the way until the first exit point off the path past Gertrude. I left the dyke ran up Klitsus ( I think that was the name of the road) then turned onto a road called Peasent. I ran the entire length of that road (which I couldn’t  do Saturday night) I walked down Indian Rd, walked onto Compton, until the corner at beaver creek and Josephine. There was someone visiting a grave in the cemetery so as to not disturb them I ran through the Donkey trail which is right next to the cemetery, from there I ran down Mary, cut through the little wooded area off Mary, came out on Nelson up my street and ran the rest of the way home. When I got into my drive way it had been 63 Min.

I am kind of proud of myself, I haven’t really wanted to do this in such a long time. I don’t think in the past I have ever been able to run this far either. Maybe, but even still it’s been along time. When I was younger, my shape came so naturally but than again I walked a lot too when I lived in CR. I used to do lots of different things, like going to fitness classes and bike rides with the kids. However when the depression really hit, I sort of let all of it get put on the back burner. It was very easy for me to say I’ll just do this first, or I just have to do that first, and before I knew it, I was out of time and I missed the opportunity.  

This time now I find running is really satisfying . I enjoy my time to think, or not to think, either way the physical perseverance feels really good.

I’ll keep working at it. 🙂


Oh yeah, it’s 8:27pm (which is surprising, it’s so light out)


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