..so tired..

Long day. Again. That’s kind of insensitive of me.. it’s not like I just spent the last 8 hours walking or the last 7 working.. but I have been driving around two extremely whiny children and waiting in Dr’s offices, dealing with my Mother and driving slowly for about 200 kms.. Blah. So now I am tired.

 I am trying so very hard to keep my eyes open. Which is unusually difficult at the moment.

I have nothing important to say. I hope that’s okay.

Tomorrow I am planning to write my Mock exam, then I want to clean my house. I was hoping to visit the Walcers, but maybe I’ll go Wednesday morning instead since there in no Mass again in the morning. There is going to be a YG Mass on Wednesday evening. I am so happy about that. 

Ds’s Dr’s appointment went well. Everything is fine. My mom met me there, she watched Dd while we were in the Dr’s. That was probably nice for Dd to spend some time alone with Grandma. That doesn’t happen very often at all. I did a little bit of shopping since we were there and then before we left we had dinner together. That sounds good, and it was I’m just tired. So I think that throws my perspective of stuff off a little bit. (the being tired I mean)

Oh yes one last thing, I think I might have tea with M and S  later in the week. M wrote me the most amazing letter of reference, my gosh I almost teared up reading it. If I was doing the hiring, I’d definitely hire me based on that letter alone!! They really are the greatest.

Fitness club was good this morning, we had a full house everything was done quickly.

That’s it for me.. I am going to sleep now.


It’s 10 :24 pm


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