This is definitely one of those nights I wish I was typing from my bed, all snuggled up in my blankets!! But alas I sit here in my office, listening to the hum of my computer.. Rather I should say I am continually humming a song that is stuck in my head.. It been there all weekend long.. The funny thing is the song is called “Already Gone” I wonder if that is a sign.. No I’m kidding. It has nothing to do with anything, it’s just a song that I currently like.. Okay back to my recap.. :-p


So this is me obviously.. Notice the crazy amount of hair.. Holding a baby duck. It was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. Soooo fluffy and soft. Heather G brought them into the school to show the kids on Friday, so I asked to hold one. They were really sweet. She had three to show, the kids really thought that was pretty incredible.


This is my newest wind chime. I found it on Friday afternoon. It’s very different from my others because it’s almost made out of a shell like or glass like tiles. It sort of clinks gently, and makes a really lovely sound. I like it with the others, every evening it seems to get a tiny bit breezy, I really enjoy opening my windows and listing to the sound of the different chimes. So far this new one and my wooden one are my favorite sounds.

 My Saturday was great I basically worked in my garden all day. We all did Dh and Dd did the vegetables me and Ds did the flowers. It was a beautiful sunny spring day.


After dinner Ds went to the movies with a friend and his Dad so Dd, Dh and I went for a run. Well they rode their bikes and I ran. I am doing pretty good now. I can almost go a full hour with out stopping. I think I am up to about 6 or 7 km before  I need to walk. It felt great that night. It’s such a good way for me to de-stress. I have noticed even though we are getting along better just being in Ds’s presence stresses me out. I feel keyed up. So running helped. We left from here and ran the back way to the Dyke.  I always enjoy the dyke at twilight it’s just so beautiful and since I was not alone there was nothing to worry about. 

Due to all my fresh air and my stirred up emotional climate, I slept well that night for sure.

Today was a little bit busy as we had to do a couple things for Dh before went back to work. Mass was good, a little bit empty. There didn’t seem to be nearly as many people as usual for a Sunday. Afterwards I had to get my oil changed in my car and they did some other stuff to it too. (I’m not sure what just some check up type stuff) I am heading to Courtney tomorrow, Ds has a Dr’s appointment so Dh wanted to make sure my car was running in good form.  Over all it was another nice relaxing day. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend. Dh left around 5pm. I gave the house a quick once over since I’ll be gone tomorrow and that was it. I put the kids to bed a usual time, even though they are not going to school tomorrow. And here I am.. Writing..

I think it is even my bed time now. ~ Good night.


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