..quick post..

Happy Friday!!

Today was another busy one. Good-but busy. Dh is in town, not home yet, he is picking up Ds at YG. So I have about ten minutes.

Something crazy happened this afternoon. There was a Thank you Mass at school today, for all the parent volunteers, Fr. A did a really good job. His homily was spot on for the kids. Something all the school could appreciate and relate too. That’s not the crazy thing.. So N, J, and M were serving as usual. Right before communion, literally seconds after the servers received communion Fr A was walking away and N fainted. He started to walk towards the kids and crash. Mr’s DeBruin caught him. It was so scary. He was okay right away a little bit shaky and pale but no serious damage was done. He said he just felt really hot. It was warm in the 20’s for sure today. Ever scary though.

The rest of the afternoon progressed without incident, during the slide show there were some funny pictures, that was cute, I thank fully didn’t have any embarrassing pictures this year.. LOL I know Mrs. K had one of me and Olive on PJ day. So I was thank full that didn’t make the cut.. Ha ha

I sat with Julie, Marnie, Lori, Ginnette, Debbie and Heather for the tea part. We chatted about VBS, and CL and SSVD. It was a collision of committees.

So here I am, I know I am leaving out some stuff but, that was all the important items. I hope the next few days are good for those that may be reading this.. I will do my best to stay positive and firm and kind and happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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