Oh my goodness, my head is POUNDING.. Today was crazy busy from the moment I opened my eyes.. I can’t complain though it was completely self inflicted. Sometimes I get so sidetracked by my perfectionist trait..  I don’t like that about myself. I like doing things well and I like doing things that make others happy but the means to get there is sometimes a little crazy.

 Last night I didn’t get into bed until almost 11 30, I had a super hard time falling asleep then I woke up exhausted at 5am. I didn’t get up then though I stayed in bed and slept very lightly until 7am. Then I got up, did not pray (which should have been my first tip that the day would be crazy) I didn’t set the coffee last night so I didn’t have any caffeine (second ingredient for a crazy day) I reasoned that since I’d have some later on with my guests that really didn’t need more right then. I check my email, that was nice.. then got the kids to school.

After I dropped them off I spent a full hour cleaning my house, left over stuff I hadn’t gotten too over the week. Of course I’d like for my home to be presentable, after that I jumped in the shower and headed back out the door to help in Dd’s class room.  As I was walking down the JP hallway my phone rang, it was JP. It was Miss W calling to tell me that I didn’t need to help after all.  Okay so I turned around and headed back home again. When I walked in to the house I checked my email I had one from Julie. Canceling… She couldn’t make it today.. Ahhhhh!

I called M told her J had to cancel. I asked if M could come anyway because Fr. A was coming at 1:00 to Bless our Home. She agreed, and ended up bringing Heather.

I since I had time (I was supposed to be in Dd’s classroom the rest of the morning) I  made a strawberry white chocolate cheese cake. Yummers it was really good. I also made some spinach artichoke dip. That was okay it turned out super salty. You know I used a different kind of Artichoke hearts so I wonder if they were already salty, because I sure didn’t use much salt and man was it salty. I almost felt my arteries closing up after a few bites.. LOL. No body complained but I suspect that was cause they were being polite.

So we all had a nice visit and coffee. We didn’t pray the rosary though and our official Mom’s club meeting didn’t really work out. I discovered Heather is also a talker. Do you remember my Talker/Listener category’s.. Yup I had coffee with two talkers..  😉 It was good though, Heather is still struggling with her daughter but seems a lot more resolved now in dealing with her. That was good to hear.

So we had a nice long chat about the kids and even about different stuff like the power of prayer within our families, the graces living in a blessed house brings, Novena’s, discipline, Internet dangers. I think M got a little bit left out. She sort of didn’t know what was what when we were talking about some of the stuff that has been going on with our children. Over all though it was a nice afternoon.

I picked the kids up from school, got Dd ready for dance and got her off to her class. At the dance studio I ran in to Teresa F. We chatted for a few minutes, we are still trying to get together, I think next week now.  After we finished I came back home only to find Ds on the couch moaning and growing that he isn’t feeling well.. He is supposed to be going to foot ball tonight, but I think that’s out of the question.

I am here now sitting in silence the only sound is the clickety clacking of my key board and a few birds chirping in the distance. I have a very strong cup of earl grey tea and I am seriously trying to decompress.. Fewf- that was a long one. (long post I mean) What a busy day.. and the very saddest part I still didn’t mow my lawn.. LOL Not later but tomorrow.. for sure.

Since it’s my running night (I have been running while Ds has his foot ball practice) and he is not going I will either make a really lite dinner; soup and sandwiches and go to bed early or I’ll get my self motivated again and MOW MY LAWN.. You would think I was going of to the chamber of horrors the way I have been avoiding doing the lawn.. LOL

I think My head is starting to feel a bit better now, just in time to go pick up Dd. Better get going..

Be Well

It’s 4:54pm


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