..busy morning..

I have both good and bad news. 

 I had my appointment this morning with the admissions person at the college, We went over my transcript and my course choices. I am going to pursue the EA program. (that’s the educational assistant)  So the prerequisites I need to begin are;

  •  English 12
  •  a criminal record check
  •  an interview 

Fairly Strait forward. I’ve already got one down. I’ve had so many criminal record checks done through my various vollenteering presuits that, that will be no problem.

When I was in high school I took Communications 12 rather than English 12, and I took Creative Writing 12 again over English 12.. Grrr.  Both were English requirements to graduate but that really does me no good now.  The man I met with today set up an appointment for an English assessment. I will write a 2 hour exam next Thursday morning. On Friday they will call me up and give me my placement.

My options… Several things could happen, I could do very poorly and be placed at a grade 10/11 level. Which means I’d have to start all over from there. I could place in a grade 12 level which means over the summer I’d do that course to be ready for fall or best case scenario, I’d place first year university and I wouldn’t have to do anything further I’d be able to start in the fall with my EA program.

 The administrator gave me a study guide which is a replica (in format only) of the exam I’ll be taking next Thursday. I plan to write that mock exam; see how I do then work until Thursday on the areas I need to improve in.

 So how does that sound? I think this is the best way to go. School first. Dh and I are getting along reasonably well, I think this could work out. Me living here, him there. Me commuting on weekends and holidays. You know how uncomfortable I was with the idea of divorcing. This might just be the answer I’ve been praying for. At least for now, while my heart, mind and body continues to heal.

 I’ll still manage my household, be efficient in my duties. I think I may even do a better job now that my priorities are back in order. I will put myself into it without compromising my faith, integrity or dignity. I actually look forward to it.

 So anyway, that’s that. I went grocery shopping after my appointment, I was trying to think of something delicious to make for tomorrows Mom’s Club.. I have two ideas maybe I’ll go with both. I haven’t decided yet. I still have to mow my lawn.. Blah I don’t enjoy to do it but I better just get it over with…

 Tonight there is a Youth Mass at 6 30, but other than that we are free today.

 I am finished my lunch so I better get the rest of my groceries put away…  It’s 12:47pm


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