..nature is beauty..

You would never believe were i am writing from, it so beautiful and peaceful and incredible and perfect. I am currently swinging on a hammock, listing to only God’s creatures about me. I hear song birds and a steady gurgling of a nearby stream.  I AM SUROUNDED with mountains and fog. There is a slight breeze and a chime in the distance.  It is a little bit like home being that i am in a valley. The fog is low; I can feel its mist in my lungs. I hope it does burn away at least a little today as we are supposed to be climbing Mount Kusim later on. Yesterday we did only a very tiny portion of actual hiking. Mostly we spent the day near sea level. We went to the ocean side, and again like our home it’s simply a canal, not open water, we saw many various sea creatures, which were cool. After the sea we went to the estuary, it was a couple of klms, now that was beautiful.. It’s as if we had left this place and journeyed to a different land. We were fallowing a winding trail that looped along side of these miraculous little pools. The flora was breathtaking and dense; I couldn’t identify even half of the plant matter I was walking past. We walked until we reached the ocean, and then followed along little foot paths through knees high ocean grass, we listened to the music of the wind, water, and tiny creatures that habituated in that wonderful marsh. I took my camera and captured at least some of the beauty. I am sure I will not do it justice.

I really like it here and honestly after last week this is precisely what I needed for rejuvenation. I could imagine living here full time. We are staying with some old friends. Truly kind hearted souls. |They have two children aged 5 and 18 months. Those children are the most well mannered, friendly, articulate, beautiful energetic children I have come across in a long time, each with their Norwegian blond hair and bright blue eyes, they have sun kissed skin, from spending there days roaming in the wilderness. It’s  amazing the vitality that comes from a life, a simple life of no internet, no TV, and consistent nature.. They are all happy healthy. They were amazing hosts. Truly, happy to have us.

We drove up Friday evening we didn’t ended up getting away until almost 6 pm, so we arrived here around 8. Just enough time to take a tour and have a small visit. Dh is here so the kids were happy to be able to see him.  Dd seems to be playing mother hen, and even by the end of yesterday ds had lost his pretentious attitude and joined in with the little children. I knew this was a good idea for him. He needed to be reminded in a more tangible way that MSN, face book and his social life were not the only way, I call them the three evils.. To me they are.  The three evils are coming to steal my little boy away. I would love a life without all those distractions. That may seem hypocritical as I am typing in the middle of nowhere on a laptop, but in my defence there is no internet connection, I’ll have to post this when I get home.

As I said I am looking forward to the climb today, if it clears enough we will be able to see the town site, the inlet and even the ocean. I will be great, I can’t wait..

I better get inside I think I hear my family stirring.


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