..prayer for our beloved priests..


I am listening to EWTN in the back ground, they are talking about praying for our priests. The father talking is making some very good points, priest are people too.. 🙂 They too need our prayers. We have a way of  creating an ideal in our minds that priest are some how infallible.. they do not sin, they can maintain a holier than thou attitude as a magical gift, there are no hardships, only a life of doing priestly things. Okay people, this is false. Priests are human, they do have a beautiful calling, but struggle like you and I. There are many sacrifices made by these men, and I imagine not all comes naturally, well in the same breath I imagine some given a yes to their calling do come very naturally. But a simple point, the more important point, lets pray for our priests. Not just for more vocations, (yes we need that too) but for strength, for good faith, for direction, for good friendships, for fire in their hearts.. Pray that they do not become despondent, pray that they make time not only for our spiritual direction but for their own, Our priests need our prayers. As much as we need theirs.. God bless all those beautiful men that say “Yes” to God everyday..


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