..sunny Thursday..


You know it’s funny Thursday’s are my busiest night of the week, but as far as days go it is right up there with Sunday. I love Thursday’s. I love the Luminous Mysteries, I love praying on Thursday, I know the weekend is almost here, I can make a quick fun dinner on Thursday, but Thursday my house is spotless, my laundry is done, I could go on and on..

I thought since I went to bed so darn late last night I’d be miserable today but so far so good. I am sure I’ll probably crash later on, but I’ll make sure I make myself a cup of tea around 3 pm.

So today is half over for me, I am just having lunch. I arrived home about 15 minutes ago. I had to bring a work truck in for service this morning so I dropped it off at the mechanic, then I went to see Joe. Margaret is still in the hospital, but Joe seems much better. He actually didn’t need me to do anything so we just had a coffee and a visit.

I’ll write more about our conversation later on. It was intriguing. God seems to truly have away of speaking to me. In the strangest ways. I left around 9 35am. He was going to visit his wife. After that conversation I decided to walk to the church, it was kind of foggy this morning and chilly even, I was glad to get inside when I got there.

I guess you could say I had a bit of a social morning. When I walked into the office S was there having coffee with Jim K. So we all chatted for a bit. He was talking about this book called the Shack, she was talking about something that happened to her with husband, kind of unfortunate. She does seem to be getting the short end of the stick, and I contributed with my recent book discovery. It was fairly pleasant.

After a bit Terri came in so we like naughty school children, went back to work.. LOL.

This is off topic but you know what, I felt a little bit bad because my intentions were completely good, last month well about six weeks ago S had her anniversary. Part of the things that I do for SVDP is to sent cards to our members, for birthdays, get well, anniversary’s.. what ever the occasion. So rather than sending S an anniversary card, I gave her a thinking of you card. I knew that day was going to be hard, so I wanted her to know we were thinking of her. That’s also when I gave her the rose petal rosary. For comfort and strength. Nothing more. Like I said purely good intention. Anyway. She got mad at me today for that. she said I ruined her day, she only wanted to forget all about it and my card ruined her day. I was like umm, sorry? What was i supposed to say? I certainly didn’t mean it be offensive. I apologized and told her I wouldn’t do it again. I had hoped that it would bring comfort, I certainly didn’t mean to aggravate her pain. So I have no idea why she decided to bring it up this much time later.. but yeah.. I was trying not to be defensive but I was a little shocked that she was so angry at me… You know what, I bet it’s not personal. She was telling us (Jim and I) about something crappy her husband did to her, maybe she just needed to vent her anger and lucky for me I was in her line of fire.. I’m letting it go. I’ll pray for her.

Okay so after I talked to her I spent some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It was lovely. I prayed the DMC, and then just spent some silent time, listening. It was exactly what I needed. When I left the church I think it was around 11am it is was clear, sunny, and even decently warm. Thank you God. I headed to the dyke, walked half way around and got off on Compton. I walked the back way home. I ran half the time and walked to rest. It was invigorating.

Now I am here, I am going to work once again on my book keeping and hopefully the rest of the day will be a nice as the first part.

Have a super day~


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