Not a very original post title but at least it’s true. It is in fact Tuesday.

I have on a radio station in Itunes called GotRadio- Christian Contemporary radio, it’s slightly out of character for me but I am searching for something and right now Lady Gaga isn’t it.

I am giving my self a break, one hour. I just finished lunch and I am enjoying a cup of coffee. I think it should be okay (drinking caffeine this late in the day I mean)it’s only 12:15, and I have to go out tonight. There is a literacy fair at the children’s school tonight, So I expect we will not arrive home until around 8 pm.

This station is interesting kind of like Rock music but about Jesus. Don’t laugh at me, I am in discovery mode again. I am trying to actively change all the toxic things in my life and for the amount of music I listen too I think maybe I might like some praise type stuff in the mix too.

I went for a run this morning, I was gone for about an hour. It was still cool at first I even put on mittens.. I got the adrenaline pumping then at the end I walked and prayed the rosary. I find that to be so wonderful walking and praying.. I love just being outside and conversing with God. It’s beautiful. I was in good spirits by the time I made my way home. After I got in the door I started on my housework, today is mega laundry day. While i was sorting clothes I got a call from Dorothy. My friend from SVDP. She had bad news.

Apparently the society has come to a decision that I am no longer going to be able to visit the Walcers under the guise of a vincentian visitor. They think its inappropriate for me to be doing what I am doing for them. They want me to suggest to them to hire someone a nurse or other qualified person. I don’t know what I should do because I think they will be very disappointed.

I am thinking of a nice way to say this to them. I kind of want to offer my self to therm, but just a personal visit, that has nothing to do with the society. Dorothy thinks they should have a nurse for sure. I just feel very awkward about all of it. I hope they are not offended.

Well I switched to my usual music station. Classical Baroque. I prefer this, especially while writing.

After my conversation with Dorothy I got a call from M. She has been very nice again lately. We chatted for a little while, next Thursday She, Julie M and I are going to have tea. I like Julie, she seems like a super nice lady. I don’t know her particularly well yet, but I am keeping an open mind, I am not sure yet though if she is a Listener or a Talker.. I’ll get back to you. LOL

On an unrelated topic, I am thinking a little bit about my appointment tomorrow. I have to go to the hospital at 11 45am. They are going to take a biopsy of the lump in my right breast. I have no idea how they do it, I think with a very large needle. The idea is what’s frightening me. It has been so sore lately, that in itself is scary. I hope and pray it’s nothing but a fibroid. Tomorrow I’ll got to Mass in the morning and offer my fears and worry, maybe out of something scary can spring forth something positive?

Well I am starting to wain, and I have lots to do still so I better get to it. If I so feel inclined I’ll write more a little bit later.

BTW. I obviously didn’t change the name of my blog.. yet anyways I still might.

Have an enjoyable day ~


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