..the end..

The day is over. It was a long one for sure. I did it though, I made it through the daily grind, that sounds like I am over exaggerating, making it seem more difficult than it probably was. It was slightly challenging though for me. It’s simply a complicated time in my human life. That’s all. I’ll be good, better even one day in the future. Of that i am sure.

I’ll fill in some details.

I did get a fair amount of house work done, I even did my usual “Dh is in camp time to re arrange all the furniture” bit. I like what I have done. It looks more cozy. I still have some ironing and washing to finish but I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I went to the church. I spent some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I talked out loud. That was very helpful. I guess right before I had arrived a funeral had taken place so the church smelled of incense. It was lovely.

Afterwards I went to check on Joe, when I arrived he was asleep. I didn’t want to disturb him so I quickly and very quietly finished my tasks, left him a note and then left. He ended up calling me later that afternoon. He told me what’s going on with Margaret, she has to stay in the hospital an extra night. I’ll go by to check on him tomorrow after I see my Dr.

After school I got the kids going on their homework, and started on supper.
My kids actually enjoyed their supper, the sweet potatoes were successful.

After dinner We went to the literacy night at their school . It was quiet educational. I really got to see how both of them are progressing at school. I have been so out of touch lately. It broke my heart to notice the effect which was obvious in some of the pieces presented tonight. Ds is still doing pretty good, but strangely enough it seems like Dd is the one struggling. I am thankful for that knowledge.

I still have a lot more to write but I am getting to sleepy now to do much more I’ll finish this post in the AM.


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