..long Tuesday..

LOL, I’m such a dork!!

I kept my self sufficiently busy today, made it so far.. I can not believe as a girl some of the things that I felt.. It sort of makes me laugh. I have heard others speak of feeling like this yet I have never experienced it for myself until these last few months. I think the key to is channel it and express it appropriately in appropriate ways. That shall be the challenge, because inherently there is nothing wrong with having these feelings, I think, but it’s just the where and when that needs to be mastered. ..

Anyway, I am just waiting on dinner. Very typical Mom-ish behavior.. I made french fries out of sweet potatoes.. they look okay but the true test will be the actual kid evaluation.. I also made Chicken and a salad.. I was keeping the hands as busy as possible this afternoon.

Then this evening we are out for Literacy Night .. Yay can’t wait.. Am I pulling off enthusiastic?? It’s hard to gage the incredible amount of sarcasm oozing from my post but rest assured.. It’s there.. ;-p

There is my buzzer.. time for dinner..


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