I am so very restless, I have no idea why!! Great day, kinda busy, lots of stuff accomplished, nice conversation, bingo.. I know what it is. Conversation. Some people just make me kinda crazy. I spent the afternoon with my friend L, she’s a talker. So I think I am going to put the people in my life into categories, talkers and thinkers. I definitely need to be around thinkers/listeners, not talkers. I do not hold anything against L, she’s great and wonderful but wow.. she is a mile a minute talker.. LOL. So that was it. I’m restless cause I need to decompress a little, maybe spend some silent time..

I decided to go to the silentest place I know, dd dances today from 4 till 5 so I had an hour. That wasn’t in the plan for me though cause there was choir.. I would have loved to take that hour and walk the dyke but it’s freezing and I’m in a dress.. So i gave in a came home. I’m now hiding out in my office.. At least for a short time. My housework is all done, dinner is in the oven, dd is not home, ds is working on his homework, Dh is upstairs watching tv and here I am..

So since L and I were having lunch in her store, which incidentally is a book store after we were done I browsed a little bit.. When it comes to books, I’m like a kid in a candy store.. Especially a used book store.. I could be there for days. I rained it in though and didn’t go nuts or anything..

I got a great price, I think it was more like a friend discount.. which was very sweet of her.. but these are the books I bought..

A calendar of Wisdom ~ Daily thoughts to nourish the soul. Written and selected from the world’s sacred texts By Leo Tolstoy (originally written in Russian, which I thought was interesting)

A time to dance ~ A story of reconciliation by Karen Kingsbury (and don’t worry it won’t make me all sappy that I might change my mind..!)

The Purpose driven life ~ What on earth am I here for? By Rick Warren (coincidentally I had just heard this book mentioned on an episode of Life on the Rock from EWTN like yesterday..)

and lastly.

Writing Historical Fiction, a guide book by Rhona Martin. (that’s interesting right???)

I don’t intend to read them all right this very second, I’ll shelve them for now.. but later after I finish what I’ve got.

I have something I need to bounce, I think it should require a separate post and more time to accurately write it all down.. but something strange is going on.. Maybe a little perspective would be good.. I’ll write more on that later.. For now I must go pick up Dd.

I am alone from 6 -8 this evening. Actually that might be a good time to clear my head. I think I might still walk for a bit, even though it’s sort of chilly out.

You know maybe I’m really not that much of a people person. Or maybe I am just not really interested in talking to imposing people at this time that I have all these other things swirling around in my head. Either way, I need to continue to keep things simple, I’ll keep that in mind before I accept any other invitations… At least for the time being..

Note to self, I was really thinking about school today while I was sitting in the hospital with Joe. I need consider that possibility a little bit more.. I’ll also write more about that later.


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