..waiting for my tea..

Nothing really to write about at this very second. I am waiting for my tea to seep. I’ve made a cup of relaxation mixture, obviously a non caffeinated herbal tea. It a combination of organic lemon balm, organic rose petals, organic valerian root, organic chamomile, organic lemon myrtle, organic strawberry, organic grapefruit, organic mint.. among other things. It’s quite good.

The rest of my day was alright, except that I forgot it was early dismissal day and I was 20 minutes late to pick up my children, and on top of that I scorched a pot of rice.. I don’t even know how that happened.. I guess those two irritations can be chalked up to my mental behavior lately.. I seriously hope these crazy things are nothing more that a strange anomaly.. Not a new personality trait.

Tonight at dinner we had a good discussion, a family meeting if you will. I have put my foot down on the media thing and even Dh backed me up.. There will be no more TV, Internet, phone calls, or video games after dinner during the school week. Also on activity nights homework is to be done directly after school. Things have been sliding around here, but no more. The media makes us all crazy, to much stimuli and it’s mostly all negative. So I hope after a few days, things will calm abit around here. Ds is still mad over it, but he’ll survive. He’s mad about a lot of things these days. I hope a calmer environment is helpful for him as well…

Holy moley, it’s raining so hard.. I love the sound of the rain. I’ve missed it. Not that I don’t enjoy the sun, but there just is something comforting listening to the steady drum of the rain.

3 more days, this week is flying by again.. the one week I actually wish I could slow down. I think this the earliest I have gone to bed in a while. Thank goodness, cause I need it.

The Pj’s I put on tonight smell like fresh air, they are a bit stiff too. One of the pairs I dried on the line last week. I love that feeling and the smell…

Well I guess my tea should be good, I will sip it during my prayers and hopefully fall right to sleep afterwards..

Sweet dreams and Goodnight ~


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