..mornings are better..

I actually slept last night..

So last night was slightly sticky.. mornings are definitely better. I’m a mess these days lets just face it. I know what I need but sometimes I get a little sidetracked.. Silence, not conversing, patience, not passion, and simplicity..
This is really a hard time, I’ll make it through, of that I am sure it’s just traveling in uncharted waters in the middle of the dark is more than frightening for me. It’s seems so fresh, I just need more time… time to heal. I never thought I’d be the one to make the decision, We’re leaving. It still feels good, but I’m also scared.. I’ll make it. I’m a survivor..

I better get to my day, at least that’s one thing I can rely on, monotony.. it’s one foot in front of the other.. exactly in the same way.. everyday.. Don’t think, just do..

Dh is working today. Small blessings.


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