So yesterday turned into one of the best days I've had in years!! It was just so rewarding. I felt great, even as it came to a close and my pumped up confidence was shot and deflated, I didn't even let that get me down. I had a successful hot lunch, even though it was... Continue Reading →



So Luciano died, the lizard that is. Poor Dd is VERY upset. She is currently making a coffin, kind of morbid but heaven for bid the poor little guy gets buried in something ordinary. She is decoration a box, with a satin cloth on the inside and is thinking of words to express her love... Continue Reading →

..rocked it..

I rocked my exam!!!!! So no upgrading required. Can you even believe it? The counseller loved my writing sample and said that he really felt moved and inspired while reading it. He felt as if he were seeing the places himself. Amazing. I cannot believe I did it. So now I am going to register... Continue Reading →

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