So yesterday turned into one of the best days I’ve had in years!! It was just so rewarding. I felt great, even as it came to a close and my pumped up confidence was shot and deflated, I didn’t even let that get me down.

I had a successful hot lunch, even though it was a crazy mix up this week with the secretary away, everything worked out just fine.

 After lunch I visited the Walcers for a little while, they are doing much better again. I knew that they knew about my exam so I wanted to share my results with them. They are so wonderful, kind of like having grandparents. I am not really close to any of my real life grandparents, so knowing them is like having family in town. They are the nicest people.

After my visit with them, I got a hair cut. I took about 6 inches off and you can barely tell. It doesn’t look any different, but it feel much lighter to me. The lady cut is kind of weird I wonder if she isn’t very experienced. Oh well, it’s done and it’s only hair it will grow back.

After my hair cut I went and spent the rest of the afternoon with Jesus. It was perfect. We are lucky here in our parish .  I love that I can end my week regardless of everything else this way.

After school Ds had a friend over, I did my usual stuff tided the house, made dinner. After dinner Dd went to a friends for a sleep over and Ds went to YG. Since Dh wasn’t home yet I had a bit of free time. I was invited out to the pub by Lori and Marnie. I think it was their wind up for catechism or something. That’s not really my thing, but I said I’d go for a minute before I picked up Ds. We we had a quick visit them I left them there and got Ds. I have more to say on that subject because I felt as thought there was something fishy going on but I’ll keep it out of my blog.

Another successful YG. Ds really likes going there.

So I slept in a little bit today, I was considering going running but since DH got home so late last night, I didn’t want to run out first thing in the morning. There is always lots to do on Sat. morning especially when Dh is here. I did lots of laundry and a general tidy of the house. I picked up Dd around lunch today. It felt like forever. I never feel one hundred percent comfortable when  either of them are sleeping out. I don’t know why maybe I am little bit over protective. No I’m not I just miss them when they are gone.

This afternoon, even though it was beautiful out I did some baking. I used up some rhubarb that my neighbor gave me a couple of days ago. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. Then I made another attempt at a trifle. This time I used blueberries and strawberries. It was pretty good.

I think I am going to go to bed now, I am sure I left some stuff out.. I’ll write more later when I think of it. Dd is still sad. She is very seriously mourning the loss of her pet. She has imposed a no laughing/smiling rule. She feels that is would be prudent to keep a respectfully dismal attitude. No joy on such a sorrow filled day…


So Luciano died, the lizard that is. Poor Dd is VERY upset. She is currently making a coffin, kind of morbid but heaven for bid the poor little guy gets buried in something ordinary. She is decoration a box, with a satin cloth on the inside and is thinking of words to express her love for him. It’s so sweet and sad. She is such a loving kid.

I am listeing her talk about him, she was commenting on the longevity of his short life. She is sad that he had to die, but thinks it was a good life while it lasted. She said even though he died, he was a good pet and she was glad she got to know him.

So I guess there will be a funeral tomorrow.

Okay so that kind of sucks.

I am trying to be supportive but (and don’t take this the wrong way) I really am not an animal person. I am thinking two things, first what a waste of money(that little thing required a lot of suplies and now what can I do about all of them, and two well at least one less thing for me to do. No more cage cleaining, cricket feeding and so on.. Yes I am that awful.

You know I have a seriously awful track record when it comes to family pets, fish, frogs, hamsters, lizards.. and so on. It’s just not meant to be. With in very short periods of my care they die. It’s kind of depressing. Well no it’s not- but it does seem a little tragic.

I have a ton of stuff to write. I’ll recap my Friday, Saturday a bit later on. CL was tonight, it wasn’t quite as good as last time but it was alright. I enjoy the thoughts and theory’s of CL. Plus I like hearing about the different ways people experience Christ in their daily lives. It’s quite beautiful.

Time to have a chat about the circle of life.. I’ll write more a bit later.

..rocked it..

I rocked my exam!!!!!

So no upgrading required. Can you even believe it? The counseller loved my writing sample and said that he really felt moved and inspired while reading it. He felt as if he were seeing the places himself. Amazing.

I cannot believe I did it.

So now I am going to register for the course, I had my first interview today, the lady thought given my history I would be a prefect candidate to this program. I don’t even have to do any volunteer hours, because I have more than enough. They usually require so many as a prerequisite to the course but alas, that part is done. Lastly I just have to get the school JP to email my criminal record check over and that part is done too.

I am so happy!! I sort of feel like jumping up and down for joy!!!!!

Okay, now that, that is out of the way I have to get back to my responsibilities.. It’s hot lunch day..

I’ll write more later on 🙂

PS, Went to Mass this morning. The homily was all about begging Jesus for guidance in our lives. Everyday, and what is the most important thing in our lives.. Jesus. Putting him first always. This is going to be such a good day!!!