It’s a funny thing. I think I am definitely not in control of mine, I don’t mean that in a bad or negative way, it’s just that I am throwing in the towel. I will not be the leader, I am ready to be led. My human frailties seem to get in the way of the greater truth. So like the song says.. Lead me Lord…

My day turned out to be pretty good after all. Things just sort of worked in my favor.. It was nice. The beginning was kind of harry and distressing, but then several good things happened. I saw Venus this morning.. You know I have a small interest in all things astronomy.. I know kind of geeky. But hey that’s me. It the morning star, you can really see it as the sun is about to come up. Just look towards the sunrise while the sun is still down far enough behind the mountain. Usually around 5 45- 6am It’s super brite you can’t miss it. It’s funny but its much more visible at this time of year. It has phases like out moon. Right now is a good time to look at it. It so beautiful around here in the morning.. And evening I should say.

I was just looking around as I walked tonight, we are pretty lucky to live in such beautiful landscape. I always complain about missing my ocean.. but to be this closely surrounded my such large mountains it quite spectacular as well. Well on with my good day..

I won’t write stuff that’s already known.. but today after work Dh informed me he would be going out this evening. He went for dinner with some friends.. That was unexpected. He is still gone…

When I was at the track I ran into an old friend that was watching her son do Track. (there is a track team that practices in the evening) She does foster care, and right now had a brand new BABY!!! I even got to hold her. She was so tiny and sweet. Oh my goodness she fit right into the crook of my arm. I just about melted. The sweetest little face you ever saw! That was the best thing that could have happened to me tonight, How could you not feel joyful while holding a tiny little baby?? It was wonderful.

Afterwards I went for my walk, enjoyed the breeze, the sun and the view and now I am here writing, waiting for my turn in the shower.. LOL I have two kids upstairs getting ready for bed. I feel good, I am going to get ready for bed myself, pray my psalms, and hopefully have a peaceful sleep. I am not even that worried about tomorrow, actually I am more looking forward to visiting that old couple.

I didn’t even touch on half the stuff we chatted about, they are very interesting people, so sweet, and completely in love. It’s hilarious. They way they talk to each other, it’s so obvious. There is a lot of respect there. It’s cute to witness. Their stories are great, and that is even one off my favorites list.

I love listening to other people “stories” It’s amazing to listen to a description of another time another world.. Well I hear the foot steps above me, time to be Momma. ~Good Night


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