..start again please..

Okay I’m an idiot, It has just occurred to me what is going on.. I think this is the day, that day that I shouldn’t talk to anyone. I’m a mess!!!! I’m overly emotional, jealous, irrational, absolutely ridiculously overly dramatic, and easily distraught. And to top that off, unintentionally yet respectfully ferocious..


If you were unlucky enough to correspond with me today, please disregard all. I am not that pathetic, really. I am just a girl. It’s soooo obvious now. I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry.

I think in light of the recent pouring out my heart, I shall slink away under my rock of shame..

At least for a while until my emotions cool it. It’s biology, I’ll be fine.


I am pleased with this new discovery, as every other month it controls me for much longer. I am not about to do anything stupid, well nothing further anyway, and I have pretty much stopped the chaos in it’s tracks. Blogging here is a great idea, it’s a pretty fool proof way to track patterns. That’s not to say I am not going to have to fight a while longer with these irrational thoughts, it’s just I have figured out it’s in the best interest to me and those I care about to keep quiet. My feelings are irrational, they may be true on some level like maybe I said the things I was thinking because I didn’t care about the aftermath, but logically I’d never have said anything.. so I shouldn’t have.

I need a cave. This would be the optimal time to experience the cave existence..


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