It’s so beautiful outside!! I love waking up on days like today. I have no idea what today will bring, the kids are still sleeping (thankfully), well the boys are – not Dd. Last night she slept with me downstairs. I think she is getting a cold, because she has been warm, and has been coughing, and is just all stuffed up. So I didn’t want to not be able to hear her if she woke in the night. Problem solved, she slept with me.

Dh thought he was going to get one over on me. First he mentioned that since we had a guest, I should probably sleep upstairs so as to not start talk.. and secondly, I’d need to listen for Dd. Not a problem.. dd came down stairs and really I doubt whether our 12 year old guest would even notice or care. So I had another good night sleep. I think I fell asleep before even my head hit the pillow.

I think today I’d like to do a bit of gardening, or maybe take these guys to the park, or maybe have a picnic, or maybe go for a bike ride. I have no idea yet. I looked at the forecast this morning which I know could change but it’s calling for sun for the next ten days!!

About last night…

Yesterday afternoon, went so much better than yesterday morning. I needed a little encouragement I guess. Well it worked.

The kids did alright at their practice, I don’t know. A couple seemed a little bit young maybe for those certain jobs. I’d not like to witness their mothers reaction if they were goofing around during the Mass. Than again though, after this many years of going to church I am sure they all know the significance of being respectful during that time…

Than afterwards I went home and made a “fun” dinner. Now that lent is over. You know I should really change my fun dinner night to Saturday rather than Friday. it has been Friday though because usually there is something going on, YG or a child coming over, or a child over for dinner. So it’s my one night of really informal kid friendly food. Last night I made buffalo style chicken wings, and “special” Hot Dogs, (which are just regular hot dogs wrapped in bacon and instead of regular toppings you put on mayonnaise, chopped tomatoes & white onions.) They were okay, of course the little people of the family loved it. Me, I felt a veggie craving. Too much synthetic foods, not enough wholesome goodness. LOL

After dinner, Dh took Dd too the magic show here in town. Well they called it a magic show, but is was more like a science show. They had many different animals to showcase, all reptiles.. So of course Dd LOVED that!! Ds went to YG and I went and spent a couple of reflective hours. Afterwards, that’s when I bumped into Teresa. I was leaving as it was time to pick up ds and she was parked across the street. So we chatted for a few minutes. I think maybe we might have some things in common after-all . She seems very bright and positive, (that’s not what we have in common.. ;-P) but we decided to go for a walk or a hike next week. Maybe I’ll have found someone to hike with??

After that I went and picked up Ds and C and we came home. I talked to C’s mom for a bit on the phone, she invited me to M’s house for this evening. I guess they are doing some sort of charismatic prayer thing, with the Cat Chat people. Deb is very much into that, she has been asking me to go to nanaimo with her for quite awhile now. To go to a meeting of a charismatic prayer group. I think though, I wouldn’t be comfortable in that situation. I think I’d especially be uncomfortable being in that situation at M’s house.

So Dd decided that she would after like to go to Cat Chat. I’m glad she decided. I think it’s another way to live her faith in a different kid friendly way. It’s another branch for her. We are so lucky here at our parish to have such a strong family ministry. I should say our children are lucky. Well I guess that make us lucky too. šŸ™‚

So I’ll be around, in and out, like I said I am still unsure of my plans for the day. I am however optomistic.. Dh is at work, it’s sunny out, kids are home.. Life is good.

One last thing, I noticed in the LOTH. The first office reading for the next week or so is the book or Revelation. Plus the book I am reading is based on that same book . That’s kind of neat. I am interested I suppose because of it’s profound symbolic ideology. The book feels fictional, very unlike all the rest of what I have read in the bible. So maybe there could be discussions in the future? I may have a question or two.. :-p

Better go get breakfast going šŸ™‚

A little thought for the morning..

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein


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