..happy easter..

Well, I should go to bed but I’m not quite ready yet… I just finished hiding some Easter eggs, apparently the Easter bunny like Santa is still a reality in this house.. LOL. I have a saying, if you don’t believe you don’t receive! It’s fun to pretend in magical children’s tales, even if it’s only for fun.

Strange how different this Easter has been so far, this is the first Easter experience I have ever had that hasn’t been completely distorted by secularism. I know I just said I just hid some Easter eggs, but this Easter it’s really not about the eggs. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, to participate in the true meaning of our Easter.

Tonight’s Mass was so beautiful it was truly beyond words, the singing at the beginning was perfect! it almost made me tear up, the beautiful readings, the little lights bringing hope in the midst of a darkest night, the blessing of the fire, the marking of a new pascal candle, the light of Christ radiating through out the church one person at a time, the simply beautiful, graceful words spoken to us in the homily, the peace, the unity, the welcoming home of one of Gods children, the renewal of our own baptismal promises, the strengthening of our faith… As I was listening I could only feel gratitude. I am so thankful to have witnessed this divine tradition.

Tomorrow, will be strange just the three of us, I think I’d still like to make a special dinner, after all tomorrow is a day for celebration. I was expecting a nasty message on my answering machine when I arrived home tonight, but to my surprise there wasn’t, there wasn’t even a phone call. Maybe it will be a little less than three minutes a day.

You know I finished that book, The Four Loves, I purchased the Audio book, and started it this morning, I already finished it. I was alone pretty much all day. Ds had a friend over and they kept them selves busy all day then Dd also had a friend over and they played out side pretty much all day, so I actually felt kind of, I hate to say this out loud, or even type it, but.. I felt bored!!! Shocker right, but I did… I was trying to invent things to do to fill my time. It was a long day. That book , was so interesting. Although while I was listening to it I certainly had dh in mind, I noticed I kept comparing quality’s, oh we don’t have that or we don’t have that, or I don’t feel that, so I admit my mind was thinking quite a lot. In the end, I finished really joyful. Weird I know. I was so happy, so filled with love. God? I’d definitely recommend that book, like I said it was a very interesting read.

I guess now would be a good time to fall asleep, I am sure my children will not be sleeping in tomorrow…


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