..favorite things..

Every time I start to write I want to start with… So… I have no idea why especially since it would not even be grammatically correct.

So… ha ha, just kidding…

I have some news. It’s well I am not sure if it would be considered good or bad yet. So for right now, it’s just news. Dh is off again, today was his last day, there is a chance that he might go back on Tuesday of next week, but he isn’t even sure. That’s not really the news though, the news is, he might be going into camp on Thursday. If he does go, dinner and family plans are CANCELLED. Nobody will come if he isn’t here, and since we have obligations, we must stay at home. Isn’t that a strange turn in events. It’s funny how things are working out today… We would though, most likely drive to CR after mass on Sunday to have dinner with Dh’s family and most likely I’d spend the night. Dh would be working Monday as well so I’ll probably visit with my Mom for a bit that day, but we will be here until Sunday anyway. That is kind of the best solution, dinner with family with out hosting everyone here. Short doses, I can surely handle that.

Tonight Ds had his first football practice; it was really super nice out still. I enjoy football when it’s nice out. One thing about that sport; its truly rain, snow, shine, wind, fog, sleet. They play in anything, so you know what that means. Us parents, have to watch in anything. It gets a little chilly towards the end of the season. They finish up in the beginning of November. Tonight, I decide to go for a walk on the track while Ds was practicing. They practice across the street from the stadium. It was kind of nice walking tonight. This is the first time I had ever done it there during a practice. Last year and the year before I was a little bit too worried about Ds to leave the field; he’s older now and I reasoned with myself that I was only across the street. I could see him, in the distance the entire time. I put my head phones on and enjoyed myself. Dh was at home with Dd so I didn’t have anything in particular to do. It was kind of weird.

Like I wrote before I really like walking in the evening, it’s truly sooths me. I noticed I was extremely agitated for most of the day, this afternoon I was having a hard time concentrating, and not even in the good way. It was just a little irritated or something, then I had another headache, that’s two days in a row. Walking relaxed me, enough that it is now completely gone. Which is a relief, I don’t wish head ache pain on anyone. I get them so frequently, it really sucks. Last night, was bad enough that I didn’t even go into the Dojo when Dd was doing her Karate, I sat outside in silence. Silence and darkness and now apparently fresh air and blood flow help. Oh well, suffering from headaches is a pretty common problem, I’m not complaining. It could be worse.

I got quite a bit accomplished outside today; I am excited to start designing the flowerbeds. I love flowers; one of my favorite places on earth is Butchart Gardens in Victoria. How could anyone ever doubt God’s existence after walking around in a place such as that? All the different colors, shapes, smells, textures, surely something that magnificent could never be a purely human design. Only God’s hands could create such a stunning ensemble.

One time, last summer actually, while visiting the gardens, it was first thing in the morning and all the tourists hadn’t packed the walkways yet. I decided to pray and walk. Something I do sometimes. I prayed an entire rosary, just slowly walking through the flowers. It was one of the most astounding experiences I have ever had. Do you know as I was walking around, I had an inclination to stop, at this perfect white rose, and guess the name? Our Lady or Guadalupe. I’m sorry but like I said, how anyone could doubt the mystery of God in our lives in a moment such as that. How could anyone doubt ever?

So this afternoon, I had to remove a very large shrub thing. I don’t know what it is called, it had to go though because all the snow must have broken some pieces off and it was slowly dying, I’m not sad to see it go, it wasn’t that nice in the first place and I want to design a space to remind me of the gardens in Victoria. I want to plant bulbs Dahlias and lilies, maybe some other things too. Lilies are my favorite flower. Right now all the Easter Lilies are everywhere they smell so nice. I’m not quite sure yet, I’ll think about it for awhile. First things first is I have to finish the clean up out there, maybe tomorrow afternoon.

So after mass tomorrow I have about 25 minutes, I will have to find something to do because for the next month I am driving the kids to a gymnastics program each Wednesday at 10:00. It’s sort of pointless to drive home, only to turn around 10 minutes later and leave again. Our children are so lucky to be attending the school they are in; comparatively it’s not even close to some of the other schools in the district. It’s not even close in that the caliber of education is so much higher than the public schools the opportunity’s that they have are unheard of in a public system. I am thankful everyday we are able to send our children to this school. Anyway maybe I’ll have an errand to run, in that time, and if not I have not one or two but three books to choose from to read LOL.

One last thing before I go to bed, guess what I did after school today, it’s on my list of favorite things, I swung. I let the kids play for a little while at the park and after most of the kids left there was an open swing so I decided to take a turn. I LOVE swinging on a sunny day. LOL. I wonder what my children think of me, I guess nothing too strange they are used to me playing with them that way, I think they actually like it.

Humm, I guess now that I think about it, I got to do TWO things off my favorite things list… Lucky me. 🙂

I better get to bed; I think I am going to sleep good tonight. Good Night~


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