Wow, I just came across, well someone sent me a link to a video shot, produced, directed and narrated by a girl I went to highschool with. She has worked for Discovery Channel, A&E, and several other well know channels and is now making independent ecological documentaries.


Her work is really, really good. Her messages are compelling, inspiring, and professional. She obviously cares a great deal about her environment. It’s so nice to hear uplifting stories about people you knew at some point in your life, who really do something great. I am so very happy for her. http://www.callingfromthecoast.com/ This is her site. This topic is something I don’t give a great deal of thought to in my daily life but still, it’s beautiful to witness someone else’s obvious passion.

Kind of neat.

Today was smooth. Things worked out the best they possibly could I think. Most of my worries from yesterday became nullified. I was very worried about Ds going to the ravine, with no supervision, I was worried about the sleep over, and I was worried about Dd’s party..

The Ravine.. Early this morning I received a phone call that a Dad had offered to go with Deb, to take the boys to the paint ball range at the top of the hump. It’s an environment specifically made to run around in. Plus the father of two of the boys that were attending C’s party was planning to stay and watch the boys along with Deb. So not only do they now have a safe place to play, they have TWO adults watching them. What a relief.

The Party… Everything went off with out a hitch. It was so much fun for the children, they got to have there fill of running and jumping, afterwards they had time to have dinner together, and they all loved the food. All the kids got along with each other, even a few that don’t normally play together, played nicely at the party. I was pleased with the way everything turned out.

My Sil made it up with her kids, Dh didn’t have to work so he helped me prep the party food, and get everything else ready, we didn’t argue, it was a very civil time together. It was simply a nice day. It was great to see my nieces and nephew, they left to go back home right after the party , but it was nice of them to drive all the way here for K.

Speaking of K, she has a friend for a sleep over, that’s why I am still awake, I am waiting until I am very sure they are sound asleep, I have been listening to them whispering and giggling for over an hour now. LOL

J is sleeping out, I am doing okay. I am pretty sure he is going to be okay. It’s hard for me to let them go. I know sometimes I hang on too tight, but then I reason with myself, is there such a thing as too tight when your kids are concerned?

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, K is bringing her friend with us to church. I am happy she will get to be there, this is one of my favorite masses of the whole year.

Time for bed, I am actually fighting to keep my eyes open…Good Night~


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