..this day is sone..


 I had a very full day, surprisingly, not really I guess. It’s a Friday.

 I am listening to a song by Mark Mallet, http://www.markmallett.com/Music-page.html It’s one of my favorites by him called {As you are}. I don’t really know why I love this song so much, but it’s really quite beautiful. Now I am listening to a different song, by same artist, it’s called {All that I’ll ever need}. This is hands down my favorite by him.

 So I changed the theme of my blog, the dark was becoming depressing, LOL I don’t think I am quite as jaded as I was when I first began writing….I needed a bit more light..

 Tonight I witnessed something beautiful, well not really witnessed I guess but sort of participated in, it was SOTC at our church, it was a version by Mother Angelica. I think you can find it here. http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/Stations/face.htm It sort of stuck me in several places, it made me feel all emotional. I can hardly describe the mixture of feelings I was experiencing. I am glad I was able to pray that way this evening, I felt so loved.

 Afterwards, I went back to Ds’s YG were I was chaperoning, It was uneventful, I started to read but then was joined by M. I was kind of nervous at first but she was pleasant, and we just chatted for 20 minutes. I did something good, I think. I was in a situation that I always find difficult, but I did alright, I think.

   I came home and found Dh watching a movie with Dd. They seemed to do alright with out us this evening. Pretty soon after I got home Dh went to bed, so I let Dd finish her movie than I put both kids to sleep , it was already getting late and both kids have busy days tomorrow. I tidyed up the house and got ready for bed and here I am. Tired but not tired.

 Tomorrow is Dd’s bday party, her real birthday was during spring break, but since I was hurt at the time we had to post pone her party. My two nieces are coming up from CR tomorrow in the morning, and MIL has decided to stay home… Dd’s party will be at the gymnastics club. That’s a pretty fun time, for the kids an instructor comes in and guides them through all the equipment and they all have a good play. I think my SIL and BIL are going to stay for dinner before heading back to CR. Then dd is having a little girl from her class Karlie sleep over.

 Ds is also going to have a busy day, well more like a busy night. It’s his buddy Cody’s bday party tomorrow afternoon. He and 5 or 6 others are going to be having an Airsoft war in Cody’s back woods. Okay here’s my issue with that. They say mother’s have intuition right, well mine is all about.. this is a bad idea! I don’t know, maybe it’s just the usual amount of panic whenever one of my children are away from me, but I just don’t think playing that game at Cody’s house is a good idea. I am scared because I do not know the woods that surround his house, I know for sure Deb hasn’t thoroughly investigated the area to look for dangerous, well danger of any sort. I don’t think there is going to be any parental supervision while they are out there, I heard there is a trestle, and a ravine where they want to play. I know for sure the trains are running, I know I can’t keep him too close, but it’s really hard for me to let him go to do all of this.

 On top of that they are all planning to walk to the store. I know Cody walks all over alone, and I know Ds is a pretty responsible kid, BUT I still don’t like it. Ahhhhhhh!! I feel ill already just thinking about it. I want Dh to go over there after work tomorrow, and check on them. Maybe I’ll go too in the morning to have a look at the area where they will be running around. I’m also going to give Ds my phone in case of an emergency. YES I know I am an over protective mother, but he is the only son I’ve got and I want to be thorough, in doing my part, the rest I will leave to God.

 Wow, it’s late. I really should get to bed. I can’t believe it’s almost Easter. Do you know Ds was baptisied on Easter. He was so darn cute in his little tiny white suit. We had the entire world in front of us, who would ahve known. I’ll never forget that day, it was beautiful.

I guess I am a little bit tired now. This post really just wondered around a little bit, I wasn’t thinking about anything critical, but still it’s nice to type it all out.. Good Night ~


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