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Today was a pretty good day, as was yesterday. Last night I felt inspired, it’s been ages since I felt inspired to create a recipe. I made a couple of Strawberry Short cakes. Well a variation, a little French Vanilla almond shortcake. It was okay, a little too sweet for my preference; I made two cakes, one for home and one to share. I’ll have to get the feed back later. Next time I work on this recipe, I’ll change the icing, I’ll so a light cream icing rather than a butter cream and I’ll add more strawberries to the center. I’ll try again after Easter.

Today, Dh wasn’t working but he kept himself busy most of the day. I went to Mass this morning than working on ironing the kids Alter Server robes, I could only stay about an hour, there was a funeral going on in the church and I noticed while trying to be very quiet the floor of the room that I was in is EXTREAMLY squeaky. I absolutely didn’t want to be intrusive. I came home and decided since Dh had lit a fire in the back yard I’d go work in my garden. It was great I was out side the entire day. I had an easy dinner planned and didn’t have much a prep to do so I had lots of time for everything. After school ds had dance so after I dropped her off I went to finish my ironing, it was perfect timing. It ending up being a quiet afternoon, but I don’t mind. Quiet is good.

Speaking of quiet, I suspect I should have relished in it. Beginning tomorrow, quiet is going to be a precious commodity. LOL Maybe that will be a good thing- keep my mind occupied. Back to the routine, Mondays Karate, Tuesdays and Thursdays Football, Wednesdays Softball, Thursdays Dance, Fridays YG… Yes I am that Mom, the one that taxi’s her kids around from one sport to another. I keep them very busy in the spring and fall but in my defense I allow them the summer to be free and the winter is mostly for school related activities. Sports are good for kids, I think it’s valuable for them to be part of something bigger than they are. To make many different friends, it teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and difference settings help to strengthen values. I hope it will in the long run make them more confident out going young adults.


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