It's a funny thing. I think I am definitely not in control of mine, I don't mean that in a bad or negative way, it's just that I am throwing in the towel. I will not be the leader, I am ready to be led.┬áMy human frailties seem to get in the way of the... Continue Reading →



Why do people tell me, you are soo strong?? Oh wow, I would never have been able to get through that, I'd have left, I wouldn't be able to make it through the day in your shoes, You can handle anything.. You're so strong.. What is wrong with you people... Can you see me??? I... Continue Reading →

..this sucks..

Kind of a huge turn of events. It's for the best. I feel sort of numb, a little sad, my stomach is all knotted up. Really though could there be any other out come? Trust is such a waste. This is exactly why I don't like talking about my past, after something comes out. I... Continue Reading →

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