What a beautiful day yesterday turned into.


After I finished blogging yesterday morning, I was bombarded a little bit. I had to grit my teeth and try my very, very best not to react strongly. I busied myself, and tried to stay unemotional. I was mostly successful. I looked at the situation, from all sides and found a solution. I think I did pretty good. Self awareness is becoming practically useful, my new found tools were put into practice. I didn’t even need to make a call or anything. I just removed myself temporarily from the situation, and thought calmly until it became clearly as well.

We arrived around lunch time, we packed a picnic for the beach. It was fun even. We all sat on logs and enjoyed the sunshine. After lunch we left MIL and DH; the kids and I rode the entire length of Long Beach. It was glorious, the waves were roaring, the wind was fierce, the sun was bright, the water was the most spectacular shade of blue. It was as if we were riding along a life size artists canvas. The view was breathtaking our senses were heightened.

We must have been gone for several hours, riding along, the beach seemed endless. Dd now calls it “Long Beach, the beach that is longer than you think”. It was so beautiful there. The fresh air was perfect. We had the most fun. I am so happy I had the opportunity to be there for the day.

We did a little sightseeing while in the area, we checked out both Tofino and Ucluelet, to show MIL. By the time we arrived home it was nearly 7pm. It was easy to get everyone to bed, those kids were tired!

I did have one small surprise when I arrived home, several email messages and an ominous email from M. I decided I’d handle that hurdle today, rather than yesterday. I did however return my phone calls, I apparently was not the only one that received that email, or the multiple ones prior. Deb H and I talked though, we are on the same page, hopefully it can be all worked out peacefully today. I really, really, really don’t want an M issue. I actually feel a little bit scared to talk to her.

That’s kind of ridiculous, I know, but life has been difficult lately, I know she won’t like what Deb and I have to say, it’s going to go against what M wants. I need to talk to the Fr’s after all it’s their opinion that is law. Deb and I’ll do whatever they wish. I feel bad though, yesterday was unusual, I guess a lot of parents went out of town yesterday, that’s I guess why a lot of kids served the sat night mass. Anyway, nothing I can do until I A. speak to the Fr’s for clarification, then B. Deb and I will email M. Hopefully it will work out alright.
More positively, dh is working and it’s Monday morning… Finally 🙂


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