Well that was weird! I laid awake all night long.

At first I went to bed around 9 30, I read for a little while then, I shut out my light and laid down. Nothing. I waited. I waited some more. Dh decided that now at 10 30pm, would be a good time to talk, even though we had all week, this would be better??? I should have pretended to be fast asleep. Okay we talk, well if you can call what we talked about talking it was sort of a muted argument.. AGAIN. Okay 12:30am point taken. Nothing was resolved – I don’t think, or maybe it was, in the end we sort of just agreed to disagree, maybe that’s the only resolution I can hope for. We are so very, different.

I went back to laying there, shifting positions, this way and that way. 1:30am I am finally drifting, and I’m startled awake. Fine. Again, trying again, I actually looked at the clock every 15 minutes until 5:38am when Ds came in. He was scared of something; I have no idea what. I moved over he crawled in, and then I fell asleep.. Uncomfortably… Finally. After all that awake time, when I drift off at last, the alarm didn’t go off, so I was startled awake again at exactly 6 30. The time Dh was supposed to be at his shop, not getting out of bed. Dh jumped up and left. Well I had fully intended to get up then, yesterday. But Nope I laid down one more time. And here I am 10 after 7 and I’m giving up.

I am fairly sure this is not helping my stressed out body. Grrrr, I am doing all in my power to relax, to release tension, to get my body back to normal. Lack of sleep – not helping.

Two strange observations last night, 1. I was actively thinking all night long, I tried many things to shut my brain off, obviously nothing worked. 2. When I finally fell asleep, I had a mega scary nightmare. What is that, I wonder? Daylight though, brings perspective…


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