..just another monday..

Some unexpected writing time!!

So I still love Mondays, It always starts out quite well. I always enjoy my “fitness club” socializing, plus it was a beautiful sunny day, which living here is a bonus. I didn’t really do much of anything though, I visited with some out of town guests, Dh was home, so he did some visiting also, I made an awesome spinach lasagna, which took some time this afternoon. We went down town and picked up this cool little gadget, it’s a docking system for my I pod. It’s a car charger, a dock, and an Fm transmitter all in one. I thought it was quite cool. I came home, had a cup of tea with my girl Dd, and did some laundry, made some banana muffins… Over all a fairly unproductive, relaxed sort of day. I even started a new book. While Dh was busy visiting I had quite a few moments to myself. It was good for him I think, all that time with our company.

I did pretty well today; my stress level is just fine. I didn’t go out of my way; I was myself all the way through!! I even called MIL and SIL on some stuff. It felt weird and good at the same time. I am feeling kind of proud; not in an egotistical way but more in an “I did it, Yay for me” kind of way.

I was looking out side a little while ago, the moon is so bright. I usually notice the night sky and its many intricate, delicate, breathtaking changes. I love clear nights and full moons, bright stars and northern lights (which are rare here I’ll admit). I love to see planets and shooting stars, I love watching for so long you can see the satellite pass by. I want to camp at the top of a nearby mountain this summer,, with a WARM sleeping bag and no fire, on the night of a full moon. I really want to be able to see across the ocean in the moon light from up top… I am kind of rambling I know, I just feel so mesmerized by the moonlight; it makes me feel very much alive!!

I’ve had this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNsQewlFtEs stuck in my head all day today, I heard it at the end of the Prince Caspian Movie that I watched with my children the other day, (which incidentally was a very good movie) It’s the second Narnia movie, well it’s the second movie but not the second in the Narnia series. I am not sure what they are going to do about that, because the series of books are fantastic, and even though they have been around for decades are just now really becoming popular, but the thing is, they should remake the movies, from the books, it’s just that the two moves already made are smack in the middle of the series. Anyway, back to the song, it’s so brilliant, it sad and beautiful at the same time. I don’t really know why I like it so much but I do and like I said it’s been in my head..

I guess I should go to sleep soon, everyone else is sleeping, I’m actually not very tired, but I could read for a little bit I suppose. After last night I should be looking forward to sleep.. Two reasons, first I stayed up past my usual bed time and woke up a little bit tired, but the better reason, was the intense dreams I had. They were soo much fun, I felt overwhelmingly happy this morning… I won’t write about the exact nature of my dreams as well, I’m just not going to.. Let’s just say it’s been a little while since I had one like that. I didn’t recall the intensity previously, since the time before. What am I going to do? I don’t plan out my dreams before I fall asleep, so it’s all subconscious, my dream state adventures. 🙂

My company is leaving tomorrow, probably after breakfast sometime, so I might go take my pup for a run in the back woods. I think my spirits have been lifted enough that I could enjoy the invigoration and it’s supposed to be another nice, clear, cool day tomorrow. Probably a good day for any sort of outdoor activity…

Time for bed….


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