..new sight..

I’d like to think I am all done, and now I may relax and enjoy my company… That’s my positive thought for today. I know, I know, no need to go all Martha Stewart, but actually that is kind of me. I’d probably do it regardless whom was coming over to stay. On another positive note, I tackled half my spring cleaning yesterday as well, so it was certainly not a pointless day. Cleanliness is next to Godliness… Ha ha ha…

Seriously though – I’m in good spirits, I am feeling strong, confident, and ready. I *think* things are moving forward with Dh, he talked to me more yesterday than the day before. He was kind and respectful, and the things we talked about were not only necessary things but small talk as well. (Improvement!).

He asked my opinion on whether we should invite MIL to come directly here. As long as we are acting normally while she is visiting, I’m glad to have her. The kids miss her a lot; they would have been disappointed if she hadn’t come.

Our neighbor stayed with us, Friday and Sat. I was watching over that boy since Friday afternoon, his grandfather had an accident and his parents had to rush to Nanaimo to the hospital and their kids had to stay here. I guess the grandpa had, had a stroke and fell down some cement steps and split his head wide open. It was very messy, and a little too scary for an 11 year old boy to witness the state of his grandfather like that. They ended up taking him (the neighbor boy) last night to see his grandpa, after he was all cleaned up. That poor old man will be in the hospital for awhile.

So now we shall see, the next few days will be another opportunity to put into practice my new “sight”. I will continue to be true to myself and to God. I am going to do my best, as that’s all I can do anyway. I wonder how this will go, I am still hopeful, but at the same time reserved. I am confident and I most importantly I am so happy and grateful not to have to go through all of this alone.

It’s a beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning all the makings for my favorite kind of day 🙂


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