I wanted to write quickly, to formally make a list. I feel some resolution, some direction. God Self Family Marriage God Staying closer to God, is my highest priority, I truly believe through him, all things are possible. I had recently become distracted, as pleasurable and fulfilling my distractions seemed, it was pulling me away... Continue Reading →



What a beautiful day yesterday turned into.   After I finished blogging yesterday morning, I was bombarded a little bit. I had to grit my teeth and try my very, very best not to react strongly. I busied myself, and tried to stay unemotional. I was mostly successful. I looked at the situation, from all... Continue Reading →


So an unexpected free moment, Friday was a pretty fun/good day, I learned something, it was sunny out, not that I actually got to be in it, but I saw it through the window all day, I wasn’t listening to anything in particular, Thank goodness. It was just a good day for reflection. I came... Continue Reading →

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