Where to begin? There are many things this morning to write about but several are not coming easily. Maybe I should keep them to my self? Maybe they are a little too deep for a Sunday morning blog? Maybe as the sky lightens and the worldly awareness settles over me, I am moving father away now. I’ll try to explain, because after all I don’t always have to write about negative experiences, Beautiful things happen to me too.

Yesterday – I took my children into the woods, we live on the very edge of a forest. I have spent a lot of time in there myself since moving here. I thought it was a blessing because I loved the water, the ocean to help clear my head but I found walking silently through the mossy trees had the same effect.

I noticed one day that there were blazes every now and then on seemingly random trees. One day I followed them and came upon a ravine, in the very middle of the wooded area. An oasis? It’s completely private, no one ever goes in there, the woods I mean, so I could sit there alone for hours without being discovered.

We, the kids and I have taken a million walks there and they love it as much as I do. They imagine we are all sorts of things, every trip is different. They know how private it is and that it’s our secret place. That’s what makes it so majestic for them I think .

Yesterday was no exception, we couldn’t follow the trail exactly because the winter has brought down an unimaginable amount of timber and about half our trail has been destroyed but we as we walked began marking our new path. It was an excellent adventure. We reached the oasis and it was as tranquil as ever.

I just listened to the bubbling water, the kids laughter echoing, the stir of branches over head, I immersed myself in all the smells of the earth, the decaying leaves, residue of a long winter. I let my senses spiral out from my body and become immersed my glorious surroundings.


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