I’m having to keep coming back to this today, so my posts are going to be out of chronological order. Last being first and first being last.

I wanted to write about some conversations that took place yesterday. I loved everyone of them. All for different reasons. Some helped me to feel inspired, others to feel truly loved.

Yesterday, while walking with my children out of the blue, my son says to me, “Mom, I wish you were pregnant.” It’s not the first time he has expressed that desire. We have talked on that subject so many times in the past, to help them understand why it can’t be so, how much I too wish it could be, How God has a plan for all of us, how beautiful it is to have that gift of giving life, how wonderful it is to be a Mother. Both chimed in yesterday, they both love children so very much, it amazes me at there young ages the depth of their hearts. Both of my children are going to be wonderful parents someday.

Last night during dinner, I have no idea where this came from (cause it was not me, I may have thought it earlier in the day but I didn’t speak about it). Dd was drawing on a page while we were waiting for our food to arrive and she said to Ds, Fr. J*****. I’m going to call you Fr. J*****. She said to him, you would be a good priest. Talk about out of left field.

Then Ds said to Dd. I don’t think so, because I want to have lots of kids when I grow up. I want to get married and be a Dad. I didn’t really know what to say to that. It was neat to see that spark in his eye though. He talks about with semi regularity, “oh when I get married and when I has a wife“. Da da da da da, all the things he will do. It’s funny to see such a young person, with those desires. For Ds though, you never know, maybe being that compassionate of a person would in turn make him a better priest. It’s in Gods hands.

It’s not just him though, in the past, if you ever asked Dd what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would tell you “A Mother”. I always tell her “you can be two things, you don’t just have to be a mother…” I pray for her all the time, for both of them actually. Not that I don’t love my life, it’s just I want for her to be stronger, and never dependant. I want for them strong happy loving families of there own.

Then we got on the the topic of why girls couldn’t be priests, and why priest can’t be married. It certainly was a interesting evening meal. Dd wasn’t completely happy with the fact that she could never be a priest, but she was satisfied that if her heart desired it, she could become a nun.

After that our conversation, turned to what we all thought the other person would be good doing as a job. We agreed Ds would be a great police officer, a CSI, or a lawyer. A lawyer is what he wants to be currently when he grows up. Dd, wants currently to be a vet, that designs clothing for animals… That one cracked me up.

The kids thought Dh would be a good steel worker, you know with the anvil, hammering iron all day and to top it off they thought he should do this while working in a jail… Funny kids! Me, well they thought I would make a good Mermaid. They chose that due to my incredibly long hair and becasue I sing them such good lullabies. Apparently those are quite mermaidish qualities. Ds also thought I would make a good librarian. How very practical.

Like I said, interesting conversations yesterday…


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