..peace at last..

It’s so foggy this morning, it seems to be touching my window. I know fog is a hindrance to Dh’s work, but there is something about it’s cool dreary aura that I find incredibly alluring and relaxing.


So yesterday wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared in every way. Things with M were nothing more that awkward, I even saw her husband and he was polite as usual, things with my Dh were fine too. After the mornings rant, he did call a few times but no meanness was intended.

I, despite my groggy mind state I clambered through the day. I finished all my tasks, and was in bed just shortly after nine. I was truly looking forward to a good nights sleep. Alas, here I sit fresh and ready for a new day. The sky is lightening to my right, no sunrise today of course, but the fog is beautiful.


Really it’s in my best interest to enjoy the fog, being that I live at the very bottom of a large valley. I do miss the ocean sometimes, It was my oasis. I used to escape my reality and sit there watching the crashing waves roaring all around me. I was fortunate to live so close to the ocean that I had that opportunity as I pleased.


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