..25 things..

I love,

The freedom of swinging on a playground swing. On a sunny day, even better. It’s that soaring feeling, weightlessness, the butterflies in my tummy, the wind on my face…

Walking in the middle of a forest, I love the silence, the smell, the possibilities. I love the feeling that I have been transported to another world full of green, spongy, peacefulness.

Looking at pictures, I love remembering scenes that bring back stories. Pictures are the medium to capture moments in time.

Being hugged by some one I love. The overwhelming and desirable feeling of trust, comfort, intimacy, physical closeness and especially warmth. Body to body, cheek to cheek, heart to heart. Heart to heart is such an expression of love. So much can be conveyed in a single embrace, comfort, joy, attraction, and most of all love…

Running on a foggy misty evening. Listening to my runners squish against the pavement. I love the moist air on my face and in my lungs.

Catching my babies laughing, I love listening to them dream, make plans and confide in each other. They are my whole entire world.

Cooking and creating. It’s exciting when I wake up first thing in the morning with a new recipe idea. I especially love when I cook something that I created and my family truly loves it.

Dawn. I love watching the rising sun. I love looking out over the mountains and watching as the sky changes color from black, to navy, to indigo, to pink to red and orange… I love hearing the first sounds of the morning, the birds chirping in the distance.

Exploring new things, I love to study and to discover what is presently to me, the unknown.

Walking on freshly fallen snow at night. I think snow is Gods own filter so we can have the opportunity to listen only to him. A blanket covering your surroundings, quieting all the sounds and sights of our material world, everything is temporarily washed clean.

Listening to a great story. I love while reading a book; sometimes the characters become like new friends, alive in your mind and in your imagination. I love the theory that a series of black marks on a printed page can transport you to any time or place imagined…

Rising early and enjoying a cup of coffee. I love rising while the rest of my house slumbers, I plan my day while enjoying the flavor, slowly sipping a delicious cup of piping hot coffee. I love having that time while I know my family is peacefully dreaming above me, warm, happy and content.

Writing letters, I love giving my pen freedom to fill pages with my heart song, then mailing the contents to someone special.

Laying on a dock, on the edge of a lake at night, star gazing. I love the gentle rocking motion, the sound of the fire crackling in the background the lapping of the water against the rocks. I can look for hours at the shear magnificents of the starry sky.

Singing, I love singing into the ears of my babies, I love singing softly to my self, and I love when they ask me, “Sing us one more song Momma”. I love that even though I don’t sing well they still love me to do it.

Spending time with my Dad. I love it when he makes me dinner, he knows what my favorite dish is and he doesn’t have to ask. I love talking to my Dad; I wish he would call me more.

Listening to the story of another. I love listening to past hopes, trials, or accomplishments. I love listing to present plans and future desires or dreams. I love watching someones eyes when they are telling their story or when they remember moments. Your eyes truly are a window to the soul.

Holding a new baby. I love the softness and their smell, the infinite amount possibility in their future and the incredible dependency in which that little miracle will hold onto you with. Babies are the truest gift from God; I imagine that holding a baby is like a tiny glimpse of heaven. Pure joy and love. Even the most hardened of hearts can be melted with the immense warmth of a tiny child of God.

59 beads, I love my rosary beads, the most delicate strand has the strength to carry the weight of the entire world. Each bead in earnest representing a place in history, which without, there would be no sure future. Every tiny glass bead is like a direct link to Our Mothers Heart, an open line of communication between us and her Son. I am thankfull everyday for this beautiful gift.

Okay not quite 25 things, I’ll add more when there is more to add.


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