This past week has had some unusual curves, but unlike last week this time I am managing fine.

We had an eye opening encounter with a child. Not directly of course but it has changed my course again. Maybe I was wrong in giving up before. It seemed like the most sensible thing at the time, put my mind else where. Focus on other areas, be more appreciative of the gifts I already have. Maybe this child crossing my path was an answer, to a question I had asked many times before. That’s funny though, how answers come when you are least expecting them. I am leaving this matter with Him. I will however continue to pray for Dh. Maybe one day his heart will be closer to mine in this matter.

I read something the other day; it was so beautiful and stirred such powerful emotions in my heart that I want to share it.

“I think that human life is such a great gift of God,
That whoever is opened to it, is opened also to God and His blessing. I know that today’s world is ignoring it, but if you can see it, and have desire for it, remember it is not just your human desire for a baby. In fact, it is God who gave you that desire. What can be more valuable in this passing world if not the life of a child???”

This weekend was full of surprises. We had visitors, family visitors in which after some examination must only be related by blood because there does not seem to be even one other thing in common. I am typing that with a smile on my lips because I am joking, but truly only by half. I felt like a mother hen, this weekend. Not like comadres enjoying each others company, but like a care giver and her charges. I guess that’s what I find so funny. Grown people living on their own, partaking in affairs of adults but in all regards that counted over this weekend they bestowed in my company the complete mannerisms of children. Anyway.. I’m moving along now :-p

On Sat. afternoon, we decided since Dh had the day off to head to a new spot and check out a spectacular view. I love being outside, I especially love being on the top of a mountain were I can see miles in every direction. I enjoyed the frigid air and the sun, the time was impeccable as we got to see an Air crane helicopter transporting logs off a patch of mountain that just the very the day before dh had cut down. The kids thought that was very cool. I was hoping to get some pics, but alas, I just don’t photograph scenery very well. I was a little miffed to discover that my ISO was set WAY too high for those shots after I was already back home. Then to make the pics worse I discovered my lens had a tiny little thread on it. Grrrrrr!! You could see it in every shot. Oh well live and learn, I won’t make the mistake again. Hopefully!

Tomorrow I am heading out of town; Ds’s Basketball team is having a tournament. He is so super excited, I am excited too I love watching him play. This is the team I have been helping out with, I am kind of nervous about that. I hope I do a good job with them.

My house is so quiet, everyone else is long sleeping. My turn next…


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